Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend in Manchester

I've definitely realized over the last month that leaving a place to go to another makes you appreciate the first one so much more. That's what's been happening with my Toronto to London relationship. I can't stop thinking about how much I miss Toronto. I appreciate the little things like how when you drive up into the city, it feels so epic. There's nothing that tall on the outside of London to make any drive into it feel epic.

I needed to appreciate London a little bit more. And this was remedied by going to Manchester. But, turns out, I loved Manchester so much.

I went on the trip to visit my friends Kat, Louie, and Dave, who were exchange students at Ryerson two years ago that I became very close with. I've missed that crew a lot, and was so excited coming to England just because I could see them again. And you know how they say you know when you've met a good friend because even if you've been separated a long time, when you see each other again, you can just pick up where you left off? That's what it was like with these three. It was like nothing ever happened in those two years.

(the gang two years ag0)

I stayed with Kat and her boyfriend Lee. I got into Manchester around 4 p.m. Friday after being stuck on the megabus in the snow for too long. Met up with Kat and Louie and we drove around so I saw some of the city. Then we hung out at Kat's for the night, Dave came over, and we just were drinking and merry. They are so hilarious, I've missed them so much.

(the gang now)

On Saturday we got up late, then Kat and I were too enthralled with the tv show Shipwrecked to get out of the house until 2. (It's like a British young-people version of Survivor. And the people on it are SO annoying, of course. Especially this kid from Liverpool. I can't listen to him without cringing.) Then Kat and I trekked down into the city, visited the pretty library, walked around the Council building, until we got to the Manchester Eye, which is about 1/4 of the London Eye, but still fantastic and much, much cheaper. That was a lot of fun, and we got to go around four times, so we were pretty stoked on that.

Here's a view from the Manchester Eye.

Louie came to meet up with us then and we walked around until we got to the pub where Lee works, and we hung around there for a while until the four of us walked around the city to try and find a place to eat (unsuccessfully). But it was fine, because I got to see the city nightlife and certain areas like Piccadilly (much better than London's Piccadilly might I add, and somehow looks like Toronto City Hall). But we just ended up going back to Kat and Lee's for dinner. Then we all ended up going into half-comotose state watching tv. Somehow ended up watching like three movies, but none of them the whole way through. It was fun though, really, I just wanted to go to Manchester to see them, so it never bothered me that we didn't get to see all that much.

On Sunday, we got up late again and were just chatting (and of course Shipwrecked came on again, aaah) until we met up with Louie to go to lunch at some hip pub near where Kat lives. It's in a trendy area, which is mainly populated by students, so it was pretty fun, and I'm sure way more fun at night.

Then they drove me to the station, Dave came by, and I had to say goodbye. I was really bummed about it, because I had such a great weekend hanging out with them. I was glad that my friend Denis was on the bus to keep me company though and keep my mind off of that. We had a good conversation and then we both drifted off. I didn't get any sleep on the bus though, and today I feel kind of crappy.

Anyways, it's one of those times where I wish I could be in one place that I loved with all of the people from all over the world I know I've accumulated in that one place. Ah, how simple and lovely that would be.

Coming back to London, I appreciate it more than I did last week, but now I miss two places: Toronto and Manchester.

Hopefully plans work out and the three of them will come visit me for a day soon.

I've realized that I'm pretty much booked solid until I leave the UK, and it's freaky! Ryan is finally finally finally getting here tomorrow night(!!!!!), and he's here until the 19th. I'm so so so so excited! Then Vanessa's coming on the 25th until I forget when in the first week of March. On March 13th I think Carmen and I are going to see Corey and Joyce in Edinburgh, Scotland. In April, somehow I have to manage Barcelona, Italy, Germany, and Sweden. And maybe if my dad and brother are coming? I really don't know. I wish my plans could be set though so I can stop worrying about them! At least I know I have fun things to look forward to before I have to go home and try and salvage myself some type of job. But, it's Toronto!

If only the weather would clear up here I think I would be much more happy about London. All I want to do is walk around and explore, but this weather isn't permitting me the best moods or times for that. Soon, I hope.

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