Monday, February 2, 2009

dragons and snow "storms"

it's been an eventful weekend, you could say. except, this week, my weekend counts from last thursday until... this coming thursday (if i even have school) due to the snow. but more on that later.

on Friday, Suzan and I finally got to go to a concert in London. We ended up down the road at the Lexington to see Darren Hayman, the front man of now defunct indie band, Hefner.

his opening bands were a boy that looked like a tim burton character (and pretty sure that's what he was going for) singing about a spider he found as a child and then actually doing an adaptation of the snow angel song from Edward Scissorhands. it was ridiculous. The other band was called My Sad Captains, and I really like them now. (there will be more coverage of this show on Round Letters.... soon.. also once SPIN Earth is up, you can see my video report). It was fun, and I really liked the Lexington. It was a good night overall.

on Saturday, Carmen and I headed over to Wagamama for dinner. I really can't get enough of this place. I tried the chicken katsu curry when i went on Monday (...) with Martha, and I had to have it again (as well as that wasabi cake). It's SO GOOD. seriously. my stomach feels happy every time I think about it. Anyways ... *drool* we then met up with Hilde to go see Rachel Getting Married. And it was good, but depressing. Didn't help Hilde or Carmen much in their moods, as the night before they unfortunately witnessed a man getting hit by the bus they were on... yeah. I wasn't kidding to anyone when I said these buses have no mercy.

on Sunday, it was the London Chinese New Year Celebrations. Carmen, Hilde, Suzan, and I met up with Soren and our new Italian friend Davide for the festivities.

(Suzan, me, Davide, Soren, Hilde)

We walked around Leicester Square (seeing the dragon dance and eat lettuce..) then to Trafalgar and saw the concert going on there. It started snowing, but I didn't believe it, I just thought it was dust or something. Really.

We then ended up at a pub chain named Garfunkles, for a long time because it was so cold outside and we had nothing else to do. It was a lot of fun. I still can't get over how funny we are together.

Then, we went back to Leicester Square to see the fireworks. Right in the middle of the square. The square surrounded by trees and buildings. I know, I couldn't believe it! It was awesome though. Usually I don't like fireworks and think 4th of July is lame, but this was fun.

Herded like cattle down the tube station, we finally got home to Angel and then went to Tortilla (Hilde pronounces it 'tor-til-ia') for dinner. Then we hung out for the rest of the night. It was a fun day.

By the end of the night, there was a little bit of snow. Carmen and I giggled at first but then were frustrated. We came here to get away from it, we said. (Ha)

(Carmen and I in front of the

By this morning, I woke up to children playing outside around 11 and thought that was strange. Turns out, this city went into chaos while I was sleeping and then proceeded to wig out for the rest of the day. All the schools were closed. The tubes weren't running. Snowmen popped up everywhere on the streets. My friends messaged me to exclaim their joy over classes being cancelled, people in the streets with their cameras, and even sheer excitement of just seeing it.

(Sledding on the street)

See, London hasn't had snow like this in almost 18 years. And seriously, it's nothing compared to Canada. It's literally like, 2 inches? I don't know, I can't measure with my mind. But it's NOTHING. doesn't even cover your foot.

(Seriously, look at that stump. That's how much snow there is.)

So as everyone was joyous, Carmen and I were frustrated. Stuck inside because we didn't bring our snow boots with us, we decided to do laundry. And then we found out our class for tomorrow was already cancelled because the snow that happened today. And I only have classes Tuesday and Thursday... so.. yay long weekend. I feel a little guilty though, and... I'll get to work .... tomorrow.

oh, PS -- my plant died. :( its too sad to put it in the garbage, and i have nothing to plant it elsewhere with...

also, thanks Carmen for half of the photos!

aaaand... 8 days till Ryan is here :)


  1. your time in London seems like so much fun! Toronto is pretty lonely here without you, and I miss you, so I think I'm going to use all my worked up frustration and bake a gazillion goodies for you! I hope Ryan has a suitcase or two to spare =P

    I miss you, World Traveler!


  2. The snow in London looks BEAUTIFUL, at least according to this: