Tuesday, January 27, 2009

random late night facts and musings

there's a buzzing coming from one of the rooms i'm in between that's been driving me nuts for days. i don't know what it is, where it's coming from, or how i can stop it.

however, all the new music i've recently acquired has helped me through this. and then i try and get myself out of my residence room for a good amount of time, that works too.

but falling asleep has been hard. staying asleep has been hard. waking up has been hard. sleeping is just generally not a fun task anymore. i haven't had a pleasant dream since i've been here, lately i keep waking up, and also the last few days ive been woken up by very, VERY loud drilling on the street outside my window.

my floor kitchen gets grosser by the day. the one thing that was clean, the microwave, was product of some explosion by this morning. i don't know but it's a little appetite-stealing. guhh.

today, i met up with an old acquaintance, Martha, from toronto who used to be my journalistic mentor-ish who's now doing grad school here, ate a huge lunch at wagamama and drooled thinking about it all day, wrote in Round Letters, wrote some emails to publications back in Toronto with hopes of getting a summer internship, then met up with a friend, Alex, from Ryerson who was only in London for the day before he flew off to his exchange in Denmark. Carmen and I went to meet him and took him to a pub near Leicester Square. Then Hilde, Suzan, and Soren met up with us and we went to celebrate Chinese New Year in Chinatown at some restaurant I completely forgot to get the name of. Then Alex left. Then after dinner, the five of us wandered Chinatown in search of fortune cookies. Then Soren left. Then the four of us wandered Leicester Square until we got to Piccadilly Circus and then as Hilde really (hehe) wanted cheesecake, we trekked back to Angel, walked fooorever (I'm lazy) down Upper Street to another restaurant I forget the name of and stayed there for quite some time especially after giggling for at least a half an hour after all the new ways Hilde discovered to say "I'd tap that."

I've been feeling kind of homesick the last couple days. I don't miss some significant things, but it's just the aura of it. I miss my routine. My room. My house. Concerts. Ryan. You know. I wonder what it will be like when I get back...

That said, I'm back to fretting about my journalism future.

Oh. The crew and I are planning a trip to Barcelona for a weekend at the end of February I believe. I hope this works out! I never thought I'd want to go there, but right now I really do. Jetsetting here is way cheap, and we might as well take advantage of it! Trips still to come: Manchester, Oxford/Brighton/Liverpool? Hmmm. Then Edinburgh, Karlstad, and wherever Francesca lives in Italy and wherever Malte lives in Germany. I. Am. Excited.

15 days until Ryan's here!

i can't wait until its warm out so i can find places to walk to in this city, sit down, and read a book. or people watch. although, everyone here has a scowl on their face. especially at Sainsbury's.

oh last ps -- more photos up here.

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