Thursday, January 8, 2009

London Calling

I arrived in London Tuesday evening. Today's Thursday. Since then, I've been staying in a very nice hotel/apartment (or, how you say, 'flat') on City Road, checked out my new neighborhood of Islington via school, residence, and Angel marketplace-square-typething. I've also been on a terrible sleep schedule and I am paying the price.

London is everything they say it is. Grey. Rainy. Fancy. Old.
The people seem to be about 10x cooler than anyone, no offense. They have this air to them. Maybe they have better posture. Mental note: check this out today. Prove thesis.

I've enjoyed watching British television, everything seems 5x more important. (At least on the news. Although, even silly commercials like for KFC don't seem so terrible. I'm sure these people know their accent is convincing. Market! Market! Market!)

My new neighborhood is great, although I've been adviced twice so far to not walk alone at night. Seems easy enough.

Today, mom & I will be riding a boat down the Thames River. She says it's pronounced 't-ems'. We shall see. I bet it sounds more convincing if you say it British. Speaking of which, I find I've been catching myself trying out the accent on the voice in my head. Just be glad it's in.

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