Thursday, January 15, 2009

alone in their own worlds

I've noticed that in London hardly anyone has headphones on while they're navigating the underground. And when I do see people that have it on, they're usually men probably in their 20's, 30's.

I did see this one girl get on the tube the other day though, that was all dressed up from work. She was heading home. She got settled into her seat and looked all snugged in. She took out her ipod and then all I could hear was hardcore music coming from her headphones and she had this content little smile on her face and her head was banging really slowly. She didn't fit the part of her music, but she loved it so much.

(In a sidenote of unusuals on the subway, I also saw a fancy dressed up man who, as his legs were crossed, you could see his socks that read "Who's the Caddy?")

Anyways. As almost everyone in Toronto has their headphones on, listening to whatever makes them feel better that day, it makes me wonder.

Are Torontonians more scared to be alone with their own thoughts? Or do Londoners not need the music in their lives?

Maybe they just have shorter trips.

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