Thursday, January 15, 2009

a beautiful day

Yesterday, Mom and I took a bus tour from London to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and Bath. Before we went, I was a bit skeptical of the tours, and I didn't think Stonehenge was more than a bunch of rocks, and I didn't know what we would do in a castle and the Roman bath houses.

But it turns out, it was a great day. Albeit long and for every minute I was on the bus and then some after, I was nauseous.

So, we went to Windsor Castle first. This is where the Queen stays most of the time, but she wasn't there when we went. It was created by ... a King. I don't remember his name. In order to keep the Romans out? Geez, I guess I was listening to Arcade Fire and not the tour guide Godfried more than I thought.

Anyways, we walked around a bit with the group, checked out Queen Mary's doll collection and old documents of the Royal Family, and then checked out the changing of the guard. Which was awesome! And hilarious (especially at the part when towards the end guards came out of nowhere running out of step into the Guard Room in the back hahah).

Here's a video of the beginning of the service (which was about a half an hour or so):

Then we got back on the bus to get to Stonehenge. It took about an hour or so, and then we got to the Stonehenge Inn for lunch. I had my first ever chicken pot pie with gravy. It was good!

Then a few minutes later, we were at Stonehenge. It was beautiful from the bus as the sun was just over it. Who knew? I never thought I would like looking at a bunch of rocks, but it's the way the sun hits them that matters. And the plains, oh the plains. They roll forever. However... some mounds are actually burial grounds from the people that built the structure 5,000 years ago. A little creepy, no?

It was just so green. And blue. And bright. Yesterday I was really in love with England.

Then we headed over to Bath. I didn't know what to expect, I thought it was a little place that happened to have old Roman remaining bathhouses there. No, it's now a city of 3500 I believe, and it's beaaaautiful. It looks like it's straight out of Italy. It feels like a place of its own, like Horton's Who. Everyone looks special, and they glow. A woman we met today said that all of the bricks there were specially made for that city. The stores glow onto the paths, and over the hills you see distant little lights. The Roman bath water is supposed to have healing power, I think that it mainly has been sponged into this city to make everyone beautiful and glowey.

Too bad that when I had a sip, it made my stomach hurt for a half an hour.


  1. two fact checks... the burial mounds at Stonehenge house many bodies that came to Stonehenge for its healing qualities. It is thought that people came from far and wide if they were sick and I think some of them died there and were buried on the grounds. In a way it's an ancient cemetary. Also, Bath population needs another 0 ... 35,000 people. It was beautiful and it did glow. Ahhhh.

  2. for the rest... that was my mom signed in on my account.

  3. I can't believed you took a sip of that!

    And I love how your mom is fact-checking you..