Wednesday, January 21, 2009

will you let me romanticize the beauty in our London skies?

Jamie Cullum's song "London Skies" has been in my head for days.

Paint a picture,
Clear cut and pale on a cold winter's day,
Shapes and cool light wander the streets like an army of strays,
On a cold winters day.

Will you let me romanticize,
The beauty in our London Skies?
You know the sunlight always shines,
Behind the clouds of London Skies.

Patient moments chill to the bone under infinite greys,
Vision hindered mist settling low like a ghostly ballet,
On a cold winter's day.


Nothing is certain except everything you know can change,
you worship the sun but now,
can you fall for the rain...


It's beautiful. Below, listen to a clip. Otherwise, you can download the song here.

In the past few days, a lot has changed.

Carmen and I spent days stressing over our journalistic futures, and it's exhausting. We decided that since we're in London, only taking four classes (and I only have two days of classes a week, HA), we're going to try and be more zen. We're learning how to relax in this new city, all the while plotting our plan of attack on the future. And it's turning out to be a really healthy decision. I feel so happy right now, and content (minus the fact that I'm missing people so much.)

And further helping the zen are our new journalism exchange student friends Hilde and Suzan from Holland and Soren from Denmark. The five of us together are hilarious, we never stop laughing. And it's not like we aren't just fooling around. I love when we get onto topics of journalism and such that we can really dig into.

Anyways, we've been out the past two nights on the town: the Angel neighborhood and Camden Town that is. We've been finding lounges and restaurants. One of the ones we found in Angel the other night has DJ nights every Thursday with 70s, 80s, and 90s music, so you'll be sure we're hitting that up tomorrow to check it out.

I had my first class -- International News -- on the Inauguration Day of Obama. We didn't actually talk about Obama, apparently the professor is saving that for next week. Instead we talked about war and journalism and the risks journalists take to cover it. It was pretty interesting, and I think the rest of this class for the semester will be helpful. And then for Obama, the crew and I went to the schools' student union to watch the ceremony. It was fun, but I kind of wish I was in the States for it.

I have three other classes coming up by next week: Features, Print Production, and Web Creation & Design. The latter of which I already have to get started on as I'm a semester behind the rest. They're all doing podcasting now. This is great because I've been thinking about getting into podcasting myself, so now I'll be able to learn how to do it. Yay!

Today, Carmen and I are doing laundry and taking it easy. I've already spent most of my day reading the Watchmen and listening to all this new music I discovered. You can read about these musical studies on Round Letters.


  1. 2 days of class a week? Fingers crossed I have the same arrangement at Napier. Joyce & I are only allowed to take three classes anyways so I'm hoping that means a lot of free time.

    You have made me extra excited about coming over to the U.K. now. I leave in four days and am about to go into freak out mode. I can't wait to visit London and you Edinburgh. =)

  2. If you're interested, I've set up a travel blog of my own, it's:

  3. yay corey! i cant wait to see you either! let me know when you guys are settled and we'll be right over :p