Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Edinburgh, Day Two

After resting up some from a very, very long day, Joyce, Carmen, and I geared up for another one.

We started off the day by walking through a food market set right under Edinburgh Castle. Where they sold all sorts of food like ostrich, boar, porridge, hogs, and much more. I ended up eating a cupcake. Joyce ate an ostrich burger and said it tasted like plastic.

Then we were on to go see the water! I still don't really know what body of water it was, but I think it was the Firth of Forth. Anyways, it was SO windy, like, ridiculous. But it ended up being hilarious, and worth many giggles. It was beautiful out there, the sky was so blue (not the water though), and we walked along on the rocks.

From there, we went to see one of Joyce's school's campuses. One of the buildings was some inspiration to the movie version of Hogwarts, and also a former insane asylum. Since we were there on a weekend, it was abandoned, and thus creepy. Carmen got pretty spooked, and I did at one point, but other than that it was cool. There's a great view from there because it's on a hill, but I don't really see why the building would be much inspiration to Hogwarts.

Then we went to her other campus, because Joyce and Carmen were booking their Euro trip on the computers there.

After that we went to go see Marley and Me, which I bawled through half of because it hit so close to home with my dog, Chips. (Warning family: don't go see!) So I was pretty out of it for the rest of the night, sigh.

Came back to Joyce's apartment and realized we were all to be squished in her room for the rest of the trip due to certain circumstances. Turned out to be a good thing.

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  1. that market sounds like something i would really dig...
    everything looks amazing!