Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Recap of a LIFETIME... or more like a month

That's right. I can't believe I haven't updated you on my faaaancy trip in almost a month! So, basically, I can't take more of mainly my friend Yahlehly's swift internet kicks towards me to update.

Here's the deal. I won't expand on much, because really, there's not much to expand on. I will give you the basic updates on what I've been up to, with pictures of course. If you're further interested, please inquire within. Blogging is a tiring process. Oh, and I've developed a cold as of yesterday, so my energy is close to zero.

Anyways, last time I updated was when I got back from my trip to Manchester. I was preparing for my boyfriend Ryan to come visit.

So.. Ryan came. It was very romantic and lovely. It was way too long not seeing him. It was really cute at the airport, because even though I was late so technically he was waiting for me, I still got to run and jump on him in excitement. <3

These pictures are from Thursday, when we went to the Natural History Museum. Too much cuteness!The next day I had class, and I don't remember what we did after that.. haha. Friday was epic. We got up early and went to see the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, then walked through the beautiful St. James's park, over to see the Cavalry, Big Ben, the view of Westminster, and the Houses of Parliament.

Then we went back and somehow Ryan started to feel sick since we went into Marks and Spencer to get food. Later on, we went on a Friday the 13th tour of the Jack the Ripper sights, and at the end of that he started to feel sick again. So, for the weekend from Friday, through Valentines Day, until Monday/Tuesday, Ryan was terribly sick and we were confined to my room, pretty much just hanging out. It was still a cute Valentines Day though. :)

On Monday, we did the London Eye, and that remains my favourite part of London. Then we did a bus tour. I was upset about the tour because we ended up on a tour that wasn't as good as the one I did with my mom. Oh well. We went to Piccadilly Circus, and then went home from there.

On Tuesday, we took the boat ride down the Thames to the Tower.

Anecdote from the Westminster Pier:
Ryan and I sit down on a three-seater bench. Next to me on one chair is a briefcase, left unattended. A group of adults and a TON of kids come over and ask if that chair is taken. We say we don't know, we didn't know whose bag it was. They freak out and call security. Security freaks out and is about to evacuate the pier, but then this couple that had been at the end of the pier were like "ooooops hahahahahah" and so it was fine. It just goes to show ... people here freak out about unattended things, thinking they're bombs, but Canadians, they don't notice! ha.

ANYWAYS. so Ryan really enjoyed the boat ride. Then we got the Tower, walked around. Then we decided to go to Madame Toussads. That was a ton of fun, but pretty overpriced.

Then we went out for dinner and drinks with his friend Stash at this crazy Belgian restaurant in Covent Garden.

Wednesday was Ryan's last day and we were both ridiculously bummed, so we kept it more low-key. We walked to King's Cross to see Platform 9 and 3/4, which really was moved to a nook off Platform 6 (and the movie was filmed between 4 and 5).

Then we walked back, he crazily bought me 3 purces at Accessorize (my new favourite store, obviously), went for lunch at Pizza Express, and then we walked along the canal for a bit.

Thursday was a depressing day. Saying goodbye to him was very close to how hard it was saying goodbye the first time. The first time was terrrrriiiibbbbllleeee. I cried for days. But this time was different. I knew I was okay on my own, but then it was worse because now it's twice as long until I see him again. Blaaah. The airport was not a fun scene.

After taking him to the airport, I decided to go see this band Passion Pit play an instore at Pure Groove Records.

You can see my video report here.

Then I went to class. Awesome.


Since that epic week, here's what's happened:

My friend from home, Brendan, came to visit with his friend Tracey. We proceeded to have a good drunk night out.

I had a chick flick day with the girls. Shopaholic and He's Just Not That Into You.


My Canadian roomie Vanessa, who's studying in Sweden, came to visit!! She left this morning.

Thursday (26th at this point) - I had class most of the day, so V decided to go be a tourist all day. Went out for dinner at Thai Square.

Friday -- Attempted the British Museum, but it was closed due to a gas scare. So we ended up finding the Comics Museum, which was cute. Then we walked around Covent Garden until we got to Tottenham trying to find a place to eat. Then we went to go see Elliott Brood at the Borderline. I filmed for SPIN. Man, was that an amazing show! I'll have a probably slightly more detailed review of that over on Round Letters ....soonish.

Saturday -- British Museum. Again, very interesting!

Sunday -- Rock and Roll tour, and then our own Jack the Ripper walk. Also walked through Spitalfields Market.

Monday -- I had to do an interview and an essay so V toured around more.

Any time that we werent being tourists, we were basically sitting in my room watching Friends like old times.

(i'm sure vanessas going to have a much greater recap on her blog, so i will let you know when she does)

So that brings me to today.

That wasn't much of a list, was it?

Coming SOON:
-Elliott Brood video
-Hopefully seeing Wicked
-Next weekend, going to Edinburgh, Scotland with Carmen to visit Corey and Joyce, fellow Rye J-Skoolers
-Hopefully my Manchester loves visit me soon!! I miss them SO MUCH already!!

In other news:
-I'm reading Microserfs. I have a few other books just waiting to be read, ahhh!
-I have a loooot of feature work here to do
-I need to get on the ball in terms of setting up journalism stuff in Toronto
-I bought a postcard from 1903 that was sent from Winnipeg, of a picture of BC, to someone in London. Greatness.
-Also bought some new artwork of the grafitti artist Banksy. It was 3 for 10, how could I not? They're lovely. I wish I didn't have to wait two months to put them up.
-I'm getting closer to planning my Sweden and Germany trips by CENTIMETRES. I just found out a few minutes ago Italy most likely can't happen, therefore I can't see my long lost buddy Francesca in Milan. :( sigh.

Okay, this was MUCH more than enough. Decades long.

Next time I'll have a better update, I (half)promise.


  1. :D This made me happy.

    Also...Microserfs rules.

    <3 c

  2. I'm glad you are having fun!

    It's fran by the way...your favourite editor in chief.

  3. chaa! a couple of swift kicks put you right