Thursday, April 9, 2009

Exploring Karlstad

By Monday, most of the snow had thawed down in Karlstad. So Vanessa took me around the town on a little tour.

We discovered that Swedish people only work Wednesdays to Fridays, and had a long contemplation on how they hell they stay alive because all they do is shop. She took me past the "Entertainment Factory" where all the cool kids go, a salon dedicated to Elvis, and a church that has an interior that's almost all white.

We ended up in a small mall where we had baguette sandwiches for lunch. Then we walked across the street and went into one of the probably two Karlstad record stores. I bought a vinyl single that was warped into a strange bowl. The single: Mili Vanili's 1989 hit, "Girl You Know It's True".

From there, we spent an awful long time in a bookstore in the town square, finding the strangest kid books. Creeeepers.

We topped off our shopping with a little H&M therapy (hey, we're in Sweden, we had to go there) and the grocery store to buy dinner supplies. That night we watched a lot more movies/tv and made vegan cookies. Awesome.

I've really missed Vanessa. We've been living together for so long now, she's pretty much one of the cool sisters I never had (others: Felizia, Nahmi, Caroline, Clara, Laurel). So just hanging out all the time in Sweden was great for me - I didn't care what we did, I just wanted to be with my friend. However, everything we did was so much fun.

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