Thursday, April 9, 2009

Swedish Plants and Animals

On Tuesday, (March 31) , Vanessa, Isak, Jamie, and I went to the Varmlands Nature Centre and Animal... something. It was kind of a groggy day as all of the past days were, but it was still a lot of fun. Isak brought his dog and together the five of us walked through the abandoned park and had lunch in the nature centre.

From there, we walked through the animal park and saw goats, black sheeps, ducks, and cows. No sight of the supposed horses. Played around on the playground for a few minutes, but then it was time to catch the bus back into town.

Vanessa and I then went and hung out in the library/tourist centre, where I finished my souvenir buying, checked my email, and sat around because I was sooo tired.

That night, we just hung out again, watched more of the Big Bang Theory. I had to leave in the moring, so we were pretty sad.

The next day, I got up early and got myself down to the train station. Took a train to Gothenburg City. I had four hours to kill before my bus to the airport to take me back to London, so I decided to walk around on my own for a bit. By then, the weather in Sweden was beautiful (of course just when I'm leaving) and really hot out, but unfortunately I was all layered in coats so I didn't have to pack them and walking around was somewhat of a tiring task. Anyways, walking around I realized Gothenburg is more of a nicer, friendlier Paris. Everything shines and everyone is out shopping and happy. There's a few canals I walked by, and pretty European buildings. I didn't walk very far, but I found my way a few streets over to where the university is. There's a canal and a hill covered in flowers, so I sat on a bench for an hour and read my book (Cider with Roadies). All of the university students were out sunbathing sitting on the ledge of the canal. After that, I walked back to the station and got an ice cream and sat outside listening to a podcast until it was time to go home.

Sweden overall was a really good trip. I got to reconnect with Vanessa and Denis and I made a couple of new acquaintances. The atmosphere is really relaxed and I think it's definitely a challenge for Vanessa to live there and to learn how to live a slower lifestyle compared to Toronto. I liked having time off from the big ol London, and probably deserved that snowstorm because I missed all the big January ones in Toronto.

Oh, and Swedish sounds like a mixture of Sim language and Italian. Strange, huh?

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  1. challenge indeed!

    darling, i missed you too. but i am really glad that we travelled to each others' temporary cities like we said we would. we are awesome!